About Us

Zend Details [Send Details] is a jewelry company based in Sweden. We are gradually working to deliver trendy jewelery in good quality. 

The founders of this company are two young entrepreneurs named Angelina Berge and Filippa Collix who have previous experience as fashion influencers.

Zend started in May 2019 when we two were at a cafe in our central city. We talked about jewelery, that it is difficult to find trendy, fine and cheap jewelery of good quality in physical stores. But also that the shortage was in online stores. We could not name a company that met our criteria and requirements. That's when we came up with the idea, to start such a company that reflects what we like and what we are looking for - that we can't find in the market. You could see the sparkle in our eyes and from that point on we have worked fully with Zend details.

Today we have costumers in the nordics - but our goal is to have costumers all over the world. We are shipping worldwide - we want to reach out to all countries in the world, small as big.

Follow us on instagram If you want to Zend some Details; @zend.details

If you want to get to know the team behind Zend Details, follow us on Instagram: @angelinaberge & @filippacollix.